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Social Service Division

Starting 2022, Media Terran wants to fulfill the mission of salt and light to those in need around us.

So we have established a social services unit as an addition to the new media production division in 2022. Through fundraising, a selected household or an individual will be provided financial support.

The amount raised through PayPal is $2,990 in total ($2,923.64 excluding card payment fee) as of January 17th, and $3,000 is delivered to Hyun Ji Kim by check on January 23rd.


The effort of fundraising will be done once a year.

A sincere thank you to everyone who has supported us so far.

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Beneficiaries of donations in the first half of 2022

Happy New Year to everyone!

The Media Terran team wishes you good health and blessings!  


It is Media Terran's new year's resolution to listen to people's voices more and offer our support to them.  So we have established a social services unit as an addition to the new media production division in 2022. The unit will select a household or an individual to provide financial support through fundraising.  The effort of fundraising will be done twice a year.


We heard the story of Hyun Ji Kim and have selected her as our first beneficiary of fundraising in 2022.  Hyun Ji Kim is a mother of three children, works six days a week as a waitress for a living and to provide for her three children. On December 15, 2021, she had a car accident on her way to work and was taken to the emergency room.  She had a CT scan and it revealed unexpected swelling of lymph nodes all over her body.  She was asked to make an appointment with an oncologist right away.  So, she has seen an oncologist and had a biopsy done.  As a result, stage 4 cancer was diagnosed in the lymph glands, liver, and gallbladder, and she was admitted to the hospital and started chemotherapy.  She is in so much pain and can barely move.  She is in no condition to work.  She is a single mother and she has been paying rent, paying expenses waitressing six days a week.  She has not been able to work since the accident, so she is in urgent need of help paying bills and rent payments.  Media Terran is fundraising to help Hyun Ji Kim and her three children.  


100% of the donation you pay for (excluding the card's transaction fee) will be deposited to Hyun Ji Kim's account, and proof of this will be published on this website as soon as the January fundraising is settled.   


The amount of donation is not limited to (there is no limit amount of minimum or maximum), and after paying online, if you require tax-related documents, please send the contributor's name, email address, phone number, and donation amount.  


We appreciate your help from the bottom of our hearts!   

Fundraising period for the first half of the year : January 3rd to January 16th 

How to donate: Press the <Donate> button below. You can choose the amount of donation.

if you require tax-related documents, Please email at

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