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            EDIA TERRAN is a professional new media company that                         specializes in the production of film and videos for small productions, government productions, promotional videos, and educational and training videos, as well as documentaries. We cater to private sector and government clients.

Our team is made up of specialized crew members who are experts in their field. Some of our team members have participated on award winning productions for broadcast organizations, non-profits, Fortune 500 companies, and federal agencies. Our productions range from 30-second spots to productions of an hour-long, to full feature length documentaries for motivational, educational, and informational purposes. 

MEDIA TERRAN delivers a wide range of broadcast and filmmaking experiences. Our team works closely with the client to create, write, direct and edit a successful production from the first meeting to discuss the ideas, to the completion of the final master, and final product distribution. 



Media Terran programs clearly demonstrate a full range of production styles and techniques. The diversity and high quality of our work is the result of how we structure the business and pull the best team together for each project. 

 In the development stage, we offer the strength of our ideas and creativity as well as scriptwriting, if required, to help communicate the message or content. 

 In the production stage, we offer the flexibility to put together a team that is right for your project.  Rather than offer a one-size-fits-all type of shop for all production needs - which can both dictate and compromise the quality, cost and availability of essential production elements - Media Terran offers the flexibility to provide the most appropriate taping, editing, graphics; and other technical support for the specific needs of each project. This approach ensures the highest quality and most cost-effective production.

We aim that to convey good hearted message to the public in general. Our role as a documentarist and filmmaker is to lead our society in a better direction. There is nothing that interrupt our vocation and no-one can meddle what we face to.

We, as a documentarist must distribute fair to all audiences.

Here Media Terran is a group of people who is following this will and confident what we pursue and pinpoint what people needs to see. Media can not be used for privileged people who wants to utilize for their benefits. It is for everyone like the air we breathe in everyday.



  • Documentaries.

  • Corporate Reels. 

  • Training videos for Gov and Private sectors.

  • Educational videos for organizations.

  • PSA (Public Service Announcement) 

  • Corporate/Individual Bios.

  • Performing Art videos.

  • Cooking videos.

  • Family Memories.

  • Crowdfunding Campaigns.

So many people think documentaries are tedious.

They may or may not. Documentary film should display our world; in real time. Sometimes it is too heavy to confront but we can not merely dismiss it.

To watch, to know, and to tell the truth so we do not look away. All these actions can shed light on even the darkest phases of our reality.  And especially Children are our hope and future. To help them to learn our stories, we need to approach this an easy way for them to see, listen and desire to understand.



Media Terran wishes to help lead our society

 in a positive direction.

Our aim is to convey a good-hearted message to the public in general. Our roles as documentarists and filmmakers should be to lead our society in a positive direction. That aim has little room for compromise and there will be nothing that interrupts this mission of ours, and we will maintain full control of how our stories are presented to our audiences. We, as documentarist, must present fair and unbiased opinions to all of our audiences. Here at Media Terran, we are a group of people who believe in this concept and are confident that we can pursue and identify the visual experiences that people need to have. We will not allow Media Terran to be used by the privileged few who might wish to utilize it for their own benefit. It will be for everyone, just like the air we breathe in every day.

Our Mission for Children

Our company, Media Terran, exists to provide educational services that allow children to experience success in learning and success in life.  Our Goal is to help lead, inspire, and support people of all cultural and educational backgrounds and in all stages and phases of life to experience a more meaningful and fulfilling quality of life. 

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